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Islamic Stockbroking Window (ISBW)

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Islamic Stockbroking Window (ISBW)
In compliance with the Shariah principles, AmInvestment Bank with Shariah Advisors and AmBank Islamic brings you the ISB (window services).


  • Approved and Halal trading

    Trading in Shariah-compliant (Halal) securities only as prescribed by Shariah Advisory Council of the Securities Commission**.

  • Shariah-compliant principles  

    Application of Shariah principles such as Wakalah (Agency), Rahn (Pledge), Kafalah (Guarantee/Indemnity) and Bai' (Buying & Selling).

  • Guaranteed Shariah-compliant  

    Compliance with Shariah principles, regulations, standards or rulings issued by Shariah Advisory Council of the Securities Commission and Bursa Malaysia Berhad.

  • No unjust gains

    No elements of 'Riba’ such as contra service charge, interest charges and interest income.

  • Fair compensation with Ta’widh

    Ta’widh (compensation) shall be imposed only on late or default payments made by clients based on AmBank Islamic’s IIMM rate (Click here to view the latest rate)

  • Shariah compliant practices

    All banking transactions, financing, placement or investment shall be made within Shariah-compliant products or services.

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